Tortured Kingdom - Chaos Sorcerer
Line Art: Rodrigo Luff
Colors: Kieran Oats
From a time eons beyond memory, the mages of the Exocosm were as sea creatures driven to caves and reefs to hide from the turbulence of war. Three mages, known as the Triad, had become as gods and did battle one against another with total abandon. A cabal formed from whispers in the darkness and grew to include the minions and disciples of the Triad themselves. The cabal engineered a perfect war which brought the Triad to unleash their full power against each other simultaneously. The cabal, acting as one, cast a spell of binding on them all, locking even themselves into an eternal, frozen moment of destruction.

But someone - or something - has freed them. A spell cast by a thousand mages has been broken. All the force, the destructive power, and the mages themselves, have been released. For some this Maelstrom is an apocalypse. For others, an opportunity.

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